• A Digital Library

    A Digital Library

    With millions of books and manuscripts, Cambridge University Library houses some of the world's greatest collections, from the scientific papers of Newton and Darwin...

  • Cancer Research Institute at Addenbrooke's

    Combating cancer at Cambridge

    The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute is a unique partnership between the University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK. It is dedicated to state-of-...

  • CUSRC action photo

    Cambridge: A new £1.1 million home for squash in the East of England

    Work is under way to give Cambridge its first ever world-class squash courts for use by both the University's squash players and the wider public, whatever their...

  • CATS brought the cream

    CATS brought the cream

    “Students feel passionately about English at Newnham,” says Medieval Literature MPhil student Hetta Howes.

  • King's College Chapel

    Maintaining a most precious building

    The Tudor roses have been eroded by acid rain, some of the stone animal figures are unrecognisable and the stonework framing the stained glass is being cracked by the...

Philanthropy news

Fifty-five of the world's most academically brilliant and socially committed young people from 27 countries have been selected as Gates Cambridge Scholars and will begin their postgraduate courses at the University of Cambridge this October.

The Scott Polar Research Institute’s urgent appeal to save historic Antarctic negatives taken by Captain Scott in 1911 has been successful.

Guild of Cambridge Benefactors admission ceremony 2014

On Wednesday 19 March 2014 the University held the sixteenth annual event for the Guild of Cambridge Benefactors, honouring the generosity of major benefactors to the University and the Colleges.

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded a grant of £1.8 million to the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge. This funding will support ambitious plans to completely redevelop the Museum of Zoology with displays showcasing the wonders of the animal kingdom, and new stores to preserve its outstanding collections for the future.

Saving Scott's Negatives

The Scott Polar Research Institute has until 25 March to raise the necessary funds to purchase Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s rediscovered photographic negatives for its Polar Museum, which would ensure that the negatives remain available to all in perpetuity, for research and exhibition.

University News

News from the University of Cambridge

Two teams from Ernulf Academy’s Year 10 were given the task of discovering what life is like for students at Anglia Ruskin and Cambridge University.

“My Cambridge,” one of the University’s series of films promoting the unique features of undergraduate life at the collegiate University, has won two IVCA Bronze Awards.

Girton College welcomed Camden Sixth Formers to two masterclass days in March, part of a new programme jointly organised by the College and Camden Council to encourage and equip the North London students to aim high in their university choices.

Research News

Research news from the University of Cambridge

In 2017 a new £1 coin will appear in our pockets with a design extremely difficult to forge. In the mid-16th century, Elizabeth I’s government came up with a series of measures to deter “divers evil persons” from damaging the reputation of English coinage and, with it, the good name of the nation. 

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer suggests that tests to grade and stage prostate cancer underestimated the severity of the disease in half of men whose cancers had been classified as ‘slow growing’.

A host of Cambridge academics, including Nobel Laureate Sir John Gurdon, will be speaking on subjects ranging from stem cell technology and Alzheimer’s to the future of North Korea and the history of conspiracy theories at this year’s Hay Festival.