800th Campaign

800th Campaign

  • Senate House light show

The University of Cambridge’s 800th Anniversary was marked not only by a year-long series of celebrations but also with a record-breaking £1.2 billion fundraising campaign.

To be a global leader in education and research requires Cambridge to continue to lead in philanthropy. We are beginning, immediately to prepare for a new, even more ambitious campaign.

Vice Chancellor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz

The campaign was launched in September 2005 with the ambitious goal of raising £1 billion by 2012, at the time the largest university fundraising campaign outside of the USA. Such was its success it reached the target two years ahead of schedule, eventually exceeding this by a further £200 million.

During the campaign almost one third of the contactable 200,000 alumni made a donation, with 12% giving in the 2010-11 financial year alone, compared with a sector wide average of 1.8%. This sum raised in that year alone was a record-breaking £135 million.

The main aim of the campaign, subtitled Transforming Tomorrow, was to help build a Cambridge fit for the 21st Century, enhancing the educational experience and creating an environment in which the freedom to create continues to flourish.

Since the campaign substantial investments have been made in students, staff, university collections and architectural heritage.